Vladimir Rasputin


"A touch of Russian Bling"

“Vladimir Rasputin” the great, great, great grandson of a “love child” of the great Grigori Rasputin himself. (Russia’s famous love machine)

They call him the mad monk of Sochi or “Vlad the Bad”

After an unsuccessful bid to be Mayor of Sochi during the Winter Olympics “Vladimir Rasputin” moved to Melbourne, Australia.

Where he lives a similar life to his ancestor as a monk, a mystic, a faith healer & ladies man looking to be an influential figure in underworld politics.

A minor celebrity in his own right “Vladimir Rasputin” is a man of unique style & panache constantly looking to woo the ladies & do shady deals.

“Vladimir Rasputin” is a man who posses exceptional skills, like juggle the past, present & the future & the ability to balance a rose on the tip of his nose.

He can ride a unicycle, balance on a tight rope, perform feats of magic & plays with fire. 

“Vladimir Rasputin” is a fun, fictions character who uses magic, circus skills & comedy to create an exotic atmosphere at any event.

“Vladimir Rasputin” is created & performed by Collin Bogaars who with over many years experience brings this character to life. 

“Vladimir Rasputin” is able to mingle amongst your guests at your next event & or be the function host/ master of ceremonies.

“Vladimir Rasputin” has entertained guests at many a major event & has also been a VIP guest at many community festivals.

To experience “Vladimir Rasputin” at your next function, please enlist there services of a carrier pigeon, phone or email NOW!