Sir Rammy Livingston


“Sir. Rammy Livingston” is the ‘love child’ of Sammy Livingston who is the great grandson of the famous Dr Livingston himself, I presume you know who I mean!

Rammy goes back, waaay back! He’s got pedigree! 

Sir Rammy Livingston is a comic adventurer, ranger, safari guide character created by Collin Bogaars who with many years performing experience brings this character to life. Dressed in a zebra print “safari suit” & pith helmet he interacts with the audience using circus skills, magic and improv comedy. Sir Rammy Livingston juggles machetes & fire to scare away the rival hunters whilst riding his customized one wheel drive-all terrain vehicle (uni cycle), leaving behind very strange & unrecognizable tracks that confuse the local trackers, rival hunters & even the animals themselves. 

“Sir. Rammy Livingston” has even mastered the language of the Jungle Drums to communicate with the natives. Sir Rammy Livingston is also an expert in fishing on dry land, with his specialized fishing rig which he encourages audience members to have a go, & aptly demonstrates his unique technique. Sir Rammy is always on the hunt for game, any game be it on four legs or two! 

This archetypal adventure character “Sir Rammy Livingston” with his cheeky wit & exceptional skills, appeal to both children & adults alike.

Sir Rammy Livingston can perform as an audience interactive “roving” character or present a” feature show”-

“On Safari with Sir Rammy” The feature show consists of loads of audience interaction, magic, juggling, uni-cycling, whip cracking & fire and is suitable for both corporate & community events like, Festivals, Libraries, Schools, Shopping Centers, Product launches, Promotions.

Sir Rammy Livingston is an ‘A’ list guest for any occasion, but ideally suited for “African”, “Adventure”, “Eco”, “Jungle”, “Pets” or “Outdoor” theme events.

Sir Rammy Livingston’s performing formats include, roving, feature shows & hosting events as the Master of Ceremonies.

Sir Rammy Livingston has been seen at public events like the Ballarat – Begonia Festival, The Oakleigh festival, Frankston Pets Day Out, Apollo bay Music festival & at corporate events for clients like Nandos  & Arup Australia just to name a few..

Sir Rammy Livingston does not in any way endorse hunting in the traditional sense. He’s all about using a camera not a gun.

To have Sir Rammy Livingston at you next event send a message on the jungle drums, the short wave radio, telex, email or just pick up the closest phone & call now!