Spiff Daddy


"Spiff Daddy" the man with the moves, he walks the walk & talks the talk!

“Spiff Daddy” is dressed to impress, you can tell by the cut of his pants & the size of his hat.

“Spiff Daddy” with his cheeky wit & exceptional skills, appeal to both children & adults alike.

“Spiff Daddy’z” performance consists of loads of audience interaction, magic, juggling, unicycling, whip cracking, fire & some funky tunes on a kazoo.

“”Spiff Daddy”is suitable for both corporate & community events like: Festivals, Libraries, Schools, Shopping Centers, Product launches, Promotions.

“Spiff Daddy” interacts with the audience using circus skills, magic and improv comedy.

“Spiff Daddy”is an ‘A’ list guest for any occasion, suitable for Family or Corporate events.

Spiff Daddy”performing formats include, roving, feature shows & hosting events as the Master of Ceremonies.

“Spiff Daddy” is a creation of Collin Bogaars who with many years of performing experience brings this character to life.

To pimp up your next event, give a shout out to “Spiff Daddy” send an email or just pick up the closest phone & call now!