THE CAN YOU DIG IT? Gardening Team

The Can You Dig It? Gardening Team are a bunch of percussive Gardners, playing infectious rhythms on flower pots & a range of gardening implements like shovels, brooms, spades, etc transported on a customised barrow.

The roving performance has loads of funky drumming, juggling, comedy & audience participation.

The future show has loads of funky percussion on all manner of gardening equipment, juggling of gardening tools, a wheel barrow balances on a performers chin, a bubble machine blowing zillions of bubbles, a fire routine, a human pyramid & can even include a “Junk” percussion orchestra where the audience join in the show playing all manner of found objects.

The Can You Dig It? Gardening Team is ideally suited for festivals or theme events relating to the “Environment”, “Gardening”, “Outdoors”, “Sustainability etc.

The Can You Dig It? Gardening Team was a feature act at the Ballarat “Begonia” Festival, The Yarram Easter Festival, Kingston Summer in the Parks etc.

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