Outback Mac


"Outback Mac" First name Mac, Family name Truckster

“Outback Mac” is an Australian outback tour guide, who follows in the footsteps of a long list of very colourful / eccentric outback tour guides.

“Outback Mac” Juggles Koalas, Kangaroos & Machetes, Balances flags, Boomerangs & Road signs on his nose,

Rides his all terrain, all wheel drive unicycle.

Performs an Australian flag twirling routine whilst riding a unicycle & playing Waltzing Matilda on a Kazoo.

He performs a camel handlers magic rope trick.

“Outback Mac” Conducts Kangaroo hopping competitions with kids.

He refers to his closest friends Alice, Katherine, Coober, Darwin & Simpson.

His favourite food is “Road Kill” also known as Beef jerky (Dried beef).

“Outback Mac” goes fishing on dry land & cracks a mean whip.

He carries a bunch of props with him at all times to create a little bit of the outback feel where ever he is.

He is prepared for any emergency & is on the constant look out for a photo opportunity.

“Outback Mac” is completely at home in the bush & the big city.

“Outback Mac” is more than happy to give your guests a tour of the great outback or your own backyard.

There is never a dull moment on an “Outback Mac” Tour!

“Outback Mac” aka Collin Bogaars has entertained his way around Australia & overseas for over ten years & will surely add some Australian, flare & fun to any special occasion.

“Outback Mac” is perfect for festivals & Australian theme events!


Roving – Spontaneous audience interactive performances

Feature Show – Static performance on stage or in the round

Master of Ceremonies – MC / Host

To have “Outback Mac” conduct a tour or entertain your guests please send an email or

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