Sheik Yubootie


Sheik Yubootie

"A touch of the exotic Middle East"

Sheik Yubootie

Clown Prince “Sheik Yubootie” is descended from a long line of Yubooties,

With royal pedigree he lives a similar life to his ancestors, however he chooses to move amongst the people as a magician, a mystic, a wizard, a juggler, looking to bring fun & happiness to all around.

A minor celebrity in his own right “Sheik Yubootie” is a man of unique style & panache, who likes to woo the ladies & do shady deals in camel trading.

“Sheik Yubootie”  possesses exceptional skills, like the ability juggle the past, present & future & even balance a rose on the tip of his nose.

He can ride a unicycle, walk a tight rope, perform feats of magic & play with fire. 

“Sheik Yubootie”  is a fun, fictions character who uses magic, circus skills & comedy to create an exotic atmosphere at any event.

“Sheik Yubootie”  is created & performed by Collin Bogaars who with over many years experience brings this character to life. 

“Sheik Yubootie”  is able to mingle amongst your guests at your next event & or be the  function host/ master of ceremonies.

“Sheik Yubootie”  has entertained guests at many a major event & has also been a VIP guest at many community festivals.

To experience “Sheik Yubootie” at your next function, please enlist there services of a carrier pigeon, phone or email NOW!