WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL HOME PAGE OF: Elvis Prakshley (Bollywood Elvis)

Elvis is not dead, he’s been living in an ashram in India, growing a curly moustache, having his legs extended & topping up his tan.

“Thank you very much!”

Introducing all the way from Bombay the multi talented Elvis Prakshley!

The kids love him, the ladies want to be with him & the gentlemen want to be him!

Standing almost 7ft tall, couples are married on the spot, funky dance moves are demonstrated, disco balls are juggled, a variety of objects are balanced & magic is in the air.

Elvis Prakshley is no ordinary Elvis impersonator.

Elvis Prakshley is a Juggler, Magician, Unicyclist, Dancer, Ringmaster & complete entertainer in one body.

A unique character with a particular charm, able to entertain children, parents & grandparents alike with style, talent & sillyness.

Elvis Prakshley entertains at Corporate functions, Festivals, Private parties, gala events, cocktail parties, sporting events, Libraries where ever people are gathered.

Be amused, bemused, dazzled, surprised and most of all entertained!

Collin Bogaars alias “Elvis Prakshley has entertained his way around Australia and abroad and will surely add some flare and feats of precise silliness to any special occasion.

Elvis Prakshley is a very close friend of Prince Ravi Raja & is completely at home with audiences of all walks of life.

Roving – Spontaneous audience-interactive performances.
Feature Show – Static performance on stage or “in the round”.
Master of Ceremonies


Countless Corporate Functions, Festivals, Parties & Special Events
too numerous to mention…….