Flambe the Chef


Let Flambé tantalize you with his unique spicy blend of kitchen skills.
There is mouth scorching fire eating , toss juggling of an exotic coconut, tangy lemon & a razor sharp carving knife whilst balancing on a giant egg beater (the uni-cycle), contortion with cups & saucers to delicate percussion on various cooking implements.
Unlike other chef’s Flambé interacts with the audience demonstrating a variety of recipes for keeping your dinner party guests amused & entertained, whilst you cook up your culinary masterpiece.
Flambé’s utensils are a variety of everyday objects found in most kitchens, like a chopstick, a bowl,a glass of wine, fruit, fire torches, a unicycle, a turkey baster & a whip…
just to name a few.

Flambé the Chef is perfect for “roving” performances, “feature” shows or event host / MC.

The “feature” shows are a delight to audiences of all ages, children & adults equally amased by Flambés amazing skills.

Shows can be performances with or without fire.

Flambé the Chef can also present a customized Italianversion of the character called Flambé Italiano

Flambé the Chef is performed by Collin Bogaars who has over fifteen years performance experience both nationally & internationaly.

Flambé has been seen at fine food & wine festivals around town, at events like the Melbourne Food & Wine festival, the Taste festival in Tasmania, La Festa in Griffith, many a shopping centre & library & is completely at home at corporate events & product launches etc.

Make it a point to have Flambé the chef entertain your guests at your next dinner party function, feast, festival or shopping centre.

Call NOW! Chop! Chop!!

Flambe Fire

Flambé Italiano