Scratch and Groove DJ Cart

Scratch & Groove
DJ Cart
Scratch & Groove DJ Cart
 The “Scratch & Groove” Music Cart is a bespoke DJ presentation. 
Styled on the kind of vendor carts found in many tropical countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South India etc
The cart is hand crafted from 100% recycled materials yet able to produces a clear, crisp sound & also offers a microphone for use in making speeches etc.
 The “Scratch & Groove” Music Cart is totally self contained & is able to operate just about anywhere.
The “Scratch & Groove” Music Cart is suitable for all kinds of events from a Picnic in a park to Neighborhood Pop Up events, Community festivals,  Brand activations, Corporate Events, Street festivals, Formals, Fetes & Parties. etc.

We offer a range of different musical programs covering genres like 70’s Disco, Lounge, Latin, Country, Bollywood, Electro swing, Jazz, Dance hall etc.

We can even curate a selection of musical styles to your specifications & customize the presentation & music to suit the event theme.

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