I Yi Yi Yi Yaah !!

The Fruity Hooties are a bunch of very talented blokes paying homage to the lovely Carmen Miranda

With names like “Carmen Up”, “Carmen Over”, “Carmen Down”, “Carmen Across”, “Carmen Back”, “Carmen Again”, this talented group of Carmens will get you hot & sweaty with their rich rhythms & danceable Latin tunes.

With a fine pedigree of music & performance, Fruity Hooties are a ‘must have’ act for any Latin theme event, Carnival or for any festival / function for that matter.

Enegertically interacting with their audiences the Fruity Hooties have been seen at a number of Corporate Functions & festivals around town.

The Fruity Hooties were a huge hit at some of Victoria’s finest festivals like Geelong’s Multicultural “Pako Festival”, the Manningham Multicultural festival, Melbourne Seniors Festival, the Brunswick Street Music festival & the Stonnington Glow Festival just to name a few

Fruity Hooties can perform as a Quintet or a Trio, is totally mobile, able to make music & create a festive atmosphere anywhere without the need for PA equipment.

Ideally suited for Festivals, Corporate Functions, Shopping centres, Parades & Parties etc.

To complete the picture the Fruity Hooties can even bring along their very own Stilt walking Carmen

The Fruity Hooties are also known to ditch their horns & drum up a percussive storm.

Covering a huge range of drumming styles like Brazilian Samba, Funk, House, Doof, Samba Reggae, Afro Cuban, West African, Caribbean etc. See photos below.

The Fruity Hooties are another exciting creation of Collin Bogaars & Fun Arts Creative Entertainment

To have this vibrant, colourful troop perform at your next event, sing out now!!

The Fruity Hooties Horns & Drums

The Fruity Hooties All Drums