Balls Up – Circus Workshops


"Balls Up" Circus Workshop

Roll up! Roll up!! Roll up!!!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys, Girls & other Genders!

Would you like to run away & join the circus???

Your journey starts right here with The “Balls Up” Circus Workshop!

“Balls Up Circus” is a workshop designed for participants with little or no experience in circus skills.
An Entertaining-Educational-Fun filled program that culminates in an short performance by the participants.
Expertely presented by Ring Master “The Great Gizmo!” or Mr Bee Bop.

“Balls Up Circus” workshops have been successfully presented at festivals, corporate events, holiday programs, primary / high schools, children’s parties & a variety of other events, receiving a tremendous response from both the participants & the event organisers alike.

Past clients of “Balls Up circus” workshops are:
Rockhampton Regional Council, Frankston Arts Center, ANZ Bank, Manningham Arts Center, Malvern Central Primary School, Mullauna College, Apollo Bay Music Festival, The Great Victorian Bike Ride, Mt Eliza Business School just to name a few…

“Balls Up Circus” is the creation of Collin Bogaars who has over 20 years experience in performing circus skills.
The program emphasizes fun, co-operation, trust, learning & safety.
It is designed so everyone has a go, with participants gaining confidence, self-esteem, and dexterity.

A variation of “Balls Up Circus” titled “Learning to Learn Circus” was listed as one of the

Regional Arts Victoria “arts2Go” programs.

“Learning to Learn Circus” is a motivitional program that is specifically designed for primary schools. Its purpose is to teach the process of learning using circus skills as an anologue. Given the fun nature of circus skills the outcomes are always positive. The program is suitable for grades one to six.

Presentation formats:

“Balls Up Circus” One Hour Workshop
This workshop introduces participants to circus props such as juggling balls & rings, diabolo, spinning plates and devil-sticks,
with loads of encouragement for everybody to have a go.
Every participant gets to perform their favorite skill or piece of circus equipment.

“Balls Up Circus” Two Hour Workshop
As above and also includes, physical conditioning, pyramid building acro-balance & basic contortion.

“Balls Up Circus” Workshop Program
This is a progressive program over a number of sessions that build a variety of skills to produce a feature performance.

“Balls Up Circus” workshops are flexible & can be tailored to suit a variety of requirements.
“Balls Up Circus” workshops require minimal staging & is very easily adapted to a broad range of spaces.
The program can be customised to suite only adult groups or for parents & children.
“Balls Up Circus” workshop is ideal for Festivals, Corporate events, Schools & Holiday programs, Children’s Parties, etc.

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