Ole!... Ole! Ole! Ole!

Los Torros loosley translated as “the Bulls”

This talented band of amigos will get you hot & sweaty with their rich rhythms & danceable Latin tunes.

With a fine pedigree of music & performance, Los Torros is a ‘must have’ act for a Latin theme event or for any festival I function for that matter.

Smoothly interacting with their audiences Los Torros has been seen at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, a host of Corporate Functions & festivals around town.

Another exciting creation form Fun Arts Creative Entertainment

Los Torros can perform as a Quintet or a Trio is totally mobile, able to make music & create a festive atmosphere anywhere without the need for PA equipment.

Los Torros can combine with the Latin Fever Dancers, Juan & Juanita still walkers or any other acts to create a larger visual spectacle.

Los Torros is perfect for Halloween/ Day of the dead entertainment.

Ideally suited for Festivals, Corporate Functions, Shopping centres, Parades & Parties etc.