Singing Safari


Singing Safari

Singing Safari

Singing Safari are a band of thrill seeking adventures that love music  animals & the great outdoors.
Singing Safari take the audience on a an musical journey through savanna & jungles alike, with vocal harmonies & toe tapping, thigh slappin’ grooves to make you move.
Singing Safari is an audience interactive performance that appeals to both children & adults alike.

The line up includes Vocals, Piano accordion, Ukelele, Tea Chest Bass, & Percussion.

All  songs make references to animals & animal related themes.

Wherever possible the lyrics are modified to encourage the protection of animals, the natural environment & promote sustainability.

Some of the song titles are as follows:

The Animals Come in Two by Two
See You Later Aligator
Teddy Bear
Animal Song
Hold That Tiger
Wimmoweh (Lion Sleeps Tonight)
I Wanna Be Like You  
Abadaba Honeymoon
The River – King Trigger
My Canary
Baby Elephant Walk
Welcome to the Jungle
Jungle Boogie
George of the Jungle
Swingin’ Safari
Surfin’ Safari
Wild Thing

Singing Safari can perform as an audience interactive “roving” performance or present a “feature show”.

To have Singing Safari at you next event send a message on the jungle drums, the short wave radio, telex, email or just pick up the closest phone & call now!