Moving On Up

Moving on up! The discovery of human powered transport in the not too distant future, using Circus skills Trick Cycling, Juggling, Magic, Percussion & a range of extremely special human powered machines.


A feature show: A action packed feature show suitable for all ages.

Roving: The characters “Wheeler” & “Dealer” are also available as “roving” performers in parades & at festivals.

Workshops: Workshops can also be a offered as part of this performance.

The show discription:

The show starts with the sounding of an emergency alarm “Wheeler” & “Dealer” appears on stage questioning the audience how & what they are doing in this “top secret” workshop facility.

After more questioning of the audience they establish that the whole audience have been accidentally transported into the future, 2025 to be precise.

Due to a satellite malfunction all their GPS coordinates have been mis calculated & instead of being sent to “the what ever festival/event ” they have been transported to “Wheeler” & “Dealers” workshop.

Realising how special this situation is & wanting to be good hosts “Wheeler” & “Dealer” proceed to entertain & educate the audience by demonstrating a range of their vehicles.

The demonstrations are accompanied by some very funky junk percussion. There is also audience interaction / involvement in the stilt walking, magic & juggling routines.

There is also a chance of some lucky audience members having a go at the various machines.

After awhile “Wheeler” & “Dealer” decide that these people from the past are pretty good & maybe they should let them have a peek at their latest development, their “top secret” project.

It is at this point that “Wheeler” goes back stage whilst “Dealer” revs up the audience to create a vocal fanfare. “Wheeler” then wheels on stage the “Big Banana” a human powered tricycle that looks like a racing car.

Made out of recycled plastic this machine can reach top speeds of around 80km per hour on the flat. Now that is “Living in the fast lane”!!

The sound of the emergency alarm is heard & “Wheeler” & “Dealer” mention that the satellite is about glitch & the only way to get the audience back to the present is to use the “human powered satellite transponder” otherwise known as the “mono wheel”. The audience is gathered & to their amazement the mono wheel is ridden by “Wheeler”.

The show ends with “Wheeler” & “Dealer” declaring that the mission was successful in that the audience are now safely back in their present time however “Wheeler” & “Dealer” are now trapped in the present time as well.

Needless to say this is a very basic description of the show.

However it does include live Circus skills Object Balancing/Juggling, Comedy, Drumming, Audience interaction & demonstrations of some very unique human powered machines..

The show is set in 2025

The stage is set with a range of unique human powered machines some from the past some a glimpse of the future.

The style is that of a “steampunk” future, a time where conventional energy is extremely expensive & the environment needs to be protected.

The two characters are called “Wheeler” & “Dealer”.

Both characters are dressed in “steampunk” clothes, top hats, goggles & sporting very distinguished curly moustaches.

The stage design is that of a human powered vehicle workshop.

The stage set comprises of a “mono wheel” positioned at the back of the stage. This “mono wheel” was one that was used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. One of only two in Australia

On stage there are a large variety of different bicycle type objects, Uni-cycles, an extremely a small mini bicycles, a penny farthing, a skate bicycle, a mind bending bike where the back & front move independently of each other, a very tall bicycle, a bicycle you row like a boat etc.

The educational content can include explanation of how gears work, mass to weight ratios, qualities of different materials, momentum, speed, balance etc Other themes would be improvisation, recycling, creativity etc

The show can be performed just about anywhere with very little setup time or technical requirements.

The show is perfect for Festivals, Schools, Alternative energy events etc….

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