The Great Gizmo Invents a Gizmo!


The Great Gizmo Invents a Gizmo!

The Great Gizmo! invents a gizmo is a highly audience interactive show. Combining Circus & Science to create an exciting performance, referencing things all kids identify with, Milk shakes & Bicycles.
The show is highly Entertaining, Educational & Engaging in creative ways, it was developed for “Scienceworks” Melbourne.

In the process of The Great Gizmo! attempting to break a World Record by balancing a full size bicycle on his chin,
Gizmo & his assistant Mr. Omzig invent a Bicycle powered Blender.

Attempting to make a “Magic” Milkshake, to power The Great Gizmo’s World Record balancing act Mr. Omzig blows up the blender.
Needing to find an Alternative Power Source, with the help of the audience they decide to invent a Bicycle Powered Blender to make the “Magic” Milkshake.

The Bicycle Powered Blender is invented, the “Magic” Milkshake is made & the World Record of balancing a Full size bicycle on his chin is achieved by The Great Gizmo!
The show is a combination of Uni Cycling, Mini bicycling, Juggling, Live music, Education, Comedy, Fun & is totally Audience interactive.
This show is ideally suited for Primary schools, Childrens festivals, Community festivals, Libraries etc.
Some of the event themes this show is suitable for are: 

Circus, Creativity, Invention, Alternative power, Science, Sustainability, Environment just to name a few..
The Great Gizmo! performed by Collin Bogaars has over fifteen years performing experience.

The show can be performed just about anywhere with very little setup time or technical requirements.
Workshops can also be a offered as part of this performance if required.

The Great Gizmo! Invents a gizmo has featured in festivals like the Desert Harmony Festival NT & The Wodonga childrens Fair.

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