Cyril Cyborg

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Cyril Cyborg is part human & part machine.

Cyril Cyborg’s primary mission is to spread the “fun” virus amongst humans.

Cyril Cyborg is a conjuror, juggler, magician, uni-cyclist, ringmaster, engineer a traveller in time.

A unique character with a particular charm able to intregue & entertain audiences of all ages.

Children, parents, grandparents & everyone in between are captivated by his enormous talents.

Be Amazed, Bemused, Dazzled, Surprised, Shocked and most of all Entertained!

Cyril Cyborg entertains at Corporate functions, Festivals, Private parties, Shopping Centres, Gals events, Cocktail parties, Sporting events, Libraries…wherever humans are gathered.

To meet Cyril Cyborgs creator click here Professor Q.E Done

Performance formats

Roving – Spontaneous audience – interactive performances.

Feature Show – Static performance on stage or “in the round”.

Master of ceremonies

Cyril Cyborg is a character created & performed by Collin Bogaars who has entertained his way around the world & with his wealth of experience brings this character to life. 

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